September 18, 2022
Google mobile-first index

Upcoming Google Mobile-First Index ‘Months Away’ from Launch

The much-anticipated Google mobile-first index still remains months away from going live, according to Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst…

At SMX West, Gary Illyes repeated more than three times, the Google mobile-first index remains at least months away from debuting. Many concerned SEOs and webmasters worry about readying sites for the new mobile-first index.

Once live, the Google search index will split desktop from mobile listings, prioritizing the latter over the former. Google will update and refresh the mobile index rapidly, while updating desktop listings less often.

Previously Announced Google Mobile-First Index ‘Months Away’ from Roll Out

Google also announced in November of last year, it will carry out a mobile search ranking change. That update will rank search results based on sites’ mobile content. This change is gradual, with the company experimenting on a small-scale and will expand when the search engine is confident about its user experience or UX. 

“The team behind the mobile-first index wants it to launch this year. We’re still experimenting. We don’t have a timeline. It could be a few months or quarters, but it’s definitely not weeks [away]. Don’t freak out, especially if you have a responsive site,” Illyes told the SMX West conference.

Illyes explains the reason for the delay is the difficulty mobile sites present. “The mobile web has fewer tokens than desktop. Content and links are more scarce.” Illyes goes on to state mobile sites do not have much of the same metadata desktop sites possess. The company strives for a “quality-neutral launch.”

Furthermore, the search engine continues to work on a new page speed measurement process which is specific to mobile properties. Using the existing desktop page speed measurement process is not relevant. So, Google must create one for mobile.

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