June 18, 2021
Google My Business API

Updated Google My Business API supports Automated Google Posts

The latest Google My Business API version, 4.0, gives users the power to create and edit Google Posts for better SEO performance…

Google My Business API version 4.0 is out. Now, the Google My Business API supports creating and editing of Posts on Google. For those unfamiliar, Google Posts is a highly useful feature which allows businesses to place content directly on the SERP or search engine results page.

Updated Google My Business API makes Automated Google Posts Possible

The change log touts a slew of features, but the Google Posts option is the most interesting and promising. “You can now create Posts on Google directly through the API,” Google writes.

Google Posts first appeared on the Google My Business platform back in June of this year. On its launch, Post on Google was only open to select categories and users. At the time, it was available to sports franchises, entertainers, and public figures. In March, it expanded to include museums, movies, and more.

However, the new Google My Business API feature won’t work with for all companies. Currently, it’s limited to businesses with fewer than 10 locations. But, those with access can now automate their Google Posts, much like companies manage social profiles, such as Facebook and Twitter.