November 5, 2022
Snapchat Android app alpha version

Snapchat Updated its Android App but Is Hiding It from Users Right Under their Noses

A new Snapchat Android app alpha version is out and is actually available to users who have rooted devices, so proceed with caution…

Snap, Inc. promised an overhaul for Snapchat Android back in November. Now, some users are seeing it in-action. Jane Manchun Wong and Kieron Quinn uncovered its existence right in plain sight. It’s an alpha version of the popular app that’s mostly at parity with the iOS experience.

Updated Snapchat Android App Alpha Version Revealed

The newly updated Snapchat Android app alpha version, is more neatly arranged. But, it’s biggest change comes in the form of greatly improved performance. It’s no longer choppy like before, familiar to Android users.

Although, being an alpha build means it’s quite rough around the edges. As reports points out, there are missing controls and it’s also buggy. For instance, the camera app captures screenshots rather than photos. It also crashes frequently and there’s no option to send chats. The map and trophies are missing, along with Snapcodes. What’s more, users must root their devices to enable access.

For those brave enough to turn on the new Snapchat Android app alpha version, follow this step-by-step guide, from XDA Developers.