August 5, 2022
Netflix audio matches internet speeds

Netflix will Now Match High Quality Audio with Subscribers’ Internet Speeds

Netflix is releasing an update to its high quality audio, which will better match subscribers’ internet speeds, with scaling…

Popular video streaming service Netflix is releasing an update to how it deals with audio. The upgrade will increase the maximum bitrate of audio, which adjusts based on subscribers’ internet connections.

Upgraded Netflix High Quality Audio Scaling Rolling Out

The new Netflix audio will raise the maximum bitrate of a 5.1 audio mix to 640 kbps, while Dolby Atmos will increase to 768 kbps. 

Additionally, the bitrate scale can drop to as little as 192 kbs in relation to internet speed, to prevent videos from buffering.

The streaming service has already employed this type of technology before, adjusting dynamically to stop sound from cutting out.

Although, the audio bitrate of content was previously determined at the beginning of a stream. Which meant, there was no way to adjust the audio feed once the video started.

This caused lower-quality audio to continue even if the internet connection was stronger. Or, content to buffer when audio was stuck on a higher bitrate.

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