September 30, 2022
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Upload Instagram Posts from a Desktop Browser or Mobile Web

It is now possible to upload Instagram posts from a desktop browser or from the mobile web, creating two new options for both individuals and marketers…

Instagram users now have the ability to post media from outside the native app, through the mobile web or on a desktop browser. While the latter isn’t official and is a workaround, it does provide more functionality and flexibility to marketers and individuals, alike.

Upload Instagram Posts from a Desktop Browser or Mobile Web

As pictured below, the mobile web version of Instagram features a “Post a photo” call-to-action:

upload mobile web Instagram posts

By going to on a mobile device, and signing-in, users can post pictures directly to their accounts without having to use the native app. The same functionality can also be done through a desktop browser, though it requires more effort.

Most desktop browser allow users to change what’s known as a “User Agent;” this tells website what type of device visitors are using. By changing the settings, it causes the mobile web version to load on a desktop machine or laptop. Here’s the workaround:


Go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced. Then, check the “Show Development menu in the menu bar” box. Open a private browser window, then navigate to Develop > User Agent > Safari — iOS 10 — iPhone. Open and click the camera button to upload an image.


Open an Incognito window and then navigate to View > Developer > Developer Tools to open a sidebar. At the top of the sidebar, next to Elements on the left, click the tablet and phone icon. Then go to, sign in, and click on the camera button to upload a photo.

Instagram just reached 700 MAUs or monthly active users. A new saved posts collection was announced in mid-April.

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