September 21, 2022
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US Appeal Court in California Rules it’s Not Illegal to Scrape Websites without Permission

A United States appeals court in California has ruled it is not illegal to scrape websites, saying the practice does not violate the CFAA…

An appeals court in the state of California has ruled that it is not against the law to scrape data.

The court said the data collection practice does not violate the CFAA or Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, an amendment to a previous law, which was enacted in 1986.

US Appeals Court Rules Web Scraping without Permission is Legal

The court’s ruling comes as the result of a legal dispute between professional networking site LinkedIn and data analytics firm HiQ.

HiQ scraped LinkedIn’s site and the networking platform thereafter sent a cease-and-desist letter to the tech company.

In response to the C&D, HiQ counter-sued LinkedIn. Later on, LinkedIn blocked HiQ from scraping its site, arguing it did so in order to protect its users’ privacy.

The court banned the Microsoft-owned company from blocking HiQ’s data scraping attempts of publicly viewable profiles.

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