September 23, 2022
US Facebook user loyalty

Facebook Users in the US still Loyal to the Social Network, New Poll Reveals

In spite of a number of scandals, US Facebook user loyalty remains solid relating to the social network, according to a new poll…

Recently, Facebook has faced a slew of scandals. A leaked internal memo revealed executives justifying user growth at any cost. The company lost $35 billion in the wake of a data mining operation. The social network finally admitted it spies on Messenger conversations. And, it had to issue an apology for autocomplete child abuse video suggestions. But now, good news is coming its way.

US Facebook User Loyalty Remains High, Poll Finds

A new Reuters/Ipsos online poll released Sunday shows nearly half of its US users had not recently changed the amount of time on-site. Moreover, about a quarter report using the social network more.

Conversely, just a quarter said they use it less, stopped using it altogether, or deleted their accounts. This comes only a month after another Reuters poll found fewer Americans trust the digital company to obey US privacy laws. In fact, just 41 percent of respondents said they trusted Facebook to secure users’ private information. That, compared to 66 percent who trust Amazon, 62 percent who trust Google, and 60 percent who trust Microsoft. Yahoo also gains more trust, with 47 percent.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll surveyed 2,194 US adults who also use other social platforms. It likewise revealed 75 percent of Facebook users say they engage more or have not changed their usage habits.

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