November 6, 2022
US national security TikTok review opened

The United States Government Launches a National Security Review of TikTok

The United States government has officially opened a national security review into TikTok, according to fresh news reports…

The government of the United States has opened a national security review into the parent and China-based company of TikTok, ByteDance, over its acquisition of, according to Reuters.

US National Security TikTok Review Opened

In 2017, Beijing-based ByteDance Technology bought the widely-popular American lip-syncing app, along with its user base, for $1 billion. Last year, the parent company rebranded it as TikTok.

Since that time, it’s been under scrutiny for its user data collection practices and how it moderates political content.

Thereafter, Senators Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY), all called for an investigation of its acquisition and practices.

Now, the United States government has launched a review through the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS. Apparently, TikTok did not go through a CFIUS review when it made the acquisition.

Rubio wrote in-part, in a letter calling for an investigation:

“Chinese-owned apps are increasingly being used to censor content and silence open discussion on topics deemed sensitive by the Chinese Government and Community Party.”

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