September 16, 2022
YouTube video recommendations with minor children

US Senator Proposes Bill Preventing YouTube from Recommending Videos with Minors

A US Senator wants to change how the YouTube video recommendations algorithms work, preventing the platform from promoting content with minors…

Earlier this year, YouTube came under public scrutiny for hosting videos allegedly featuring minor children. Advertisers revolted, pulling marketing dollars away from the company.

Now, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MI) is proposing legislation requiring YouTube to ban recommending videos that “feature minors.” 

US Senator Proposes Bill Preventing YouTube from Recommending Videos with Minors

The proposed bill isn’t a blanket prohibition. Instead, it does carve out exceptions for videos with “minors in the background,” and “professionally produced videos, like prime-time talent-show competitions.”

However, the legislation would likewise apply to other video hosting sites and not just YouTube alone. 

Of course, there’s a lot to work out, here. Algorithms are very complex software commands. And, it’s very difficult to get them to act in a way that carriers out the intent without unintended consequences.

Although, YouTube and other video hosting sites have an extensive slog ahead. For instance, back in February, someone spliced suicide tips into videos running on YouTube Kids. There’s also been controversy around anti-vaxxing content or anti-vaccine content on the main platform.

YouTube has revised its strike system which goes easier on first-time offenders and makes the rules more consistent.

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