September 15, 2022
Do Not Track bill

US Senator Proposes Tough ‘Do Not Track’ Bill to Restrict Data Collection

The United States Senate has received a proposal, called the ‘Do Not Track’ bill, which will place rigorous constraints on data collection…

There’s no question internet advertising is more conspicuous and invasive than ever. Day after day, people give over their activities to a number of tech giants. And, often in the name of “free services” where consumers become the product.

Now, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) is asking the government to create a bill to limit data tracking.

US Senator Proposes Tough ‘Do Not Track’ Bill to Restrict Data Collection

It’s called the “Do Not Track” bill and the proposed legislation is akin to the Do Not Call List but for the internet.

If passed into law, the rules would allow consumers to opt out of any data tracking which is not necessary for particular services to work.

The law would also create a national list, offering people the opportunity to prohibit any secondary data tracking. It would also penalize companies which violate the rules.

Hawley said the following about the proposal: 

“Big tech companies collect incredible amounts of deeply personal, private data from people without giving them the option to meaningfully consent. They have gotten incredibly rich by employing creepy surveillance tactics on their users, but too often the extent of this data extraction is only known after a tech company irresponsibly handles the data and leaks it all over the internet.”

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