April 10, 2021
US Supreme Court Upholds Law Banning Cellphone Robocalls

US Supreme Court Upholds 1991 Law that Bans Robocalls to Cellphones

A cellphone robocall ban passed nearly thirty years ago, has been upheld by the United States Supreme Court in a recent challenge to the law…

On Monday, the US Supreme Court upheld a law passed in 1991 that banned robocalls to cellphones. The case, argued ironically enough, via telephone, in May, only arose in 2015 in Congress because of an exception in the law allowing automated collection calls for collecting government debt, like delinquent student loans.

US Supreme Court Upholds Law Banning Cellphone Robocalls

Political consulting firms and polling agencies were among others asking the highest court in the nation to strike down the nearly thirty year-old law. They argued the ban of robocalls to cellphones was a violation of free speech, a right guaranteed by the US Constitution in the 1st Amendment.

The premise of the argument centered around the fact that by allowing one or more types of speech and not others made the entire law unconstitutional. The court threw out the exception of the collection of government debt but preserved the broader prohibition.

This still leaves some questions unanswered on the subject. However, the Federal Communications Commission and Congress have both been working to address the scourge of robocalls. Last year alone, the number of robocalls hit an all-time high in 2019, totaling 58.5 billion.

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