January 12, 2021
Used Electronics Marketplace Gazelle to Shutting Down its Trade-In Mail-In Program

This Used Electronics Marketplace is Ending its Mail-In Trade-In Program February 1st

Gazelle will soon shutter its mail-in trade-in program, so customers have until January 31st to get rid of their old electronic devices…

Come February 1st, used electronics marketplace Gazelle will no longer offer its mail-in trade-in program. The company says it’s ending the practice but will continue to sell refurbished devices. That means anyone who wants to trade-in their old stuff can do so through the website’s parent company ecoATM. (It’s the same organization that operates kiosks across the United States.)

Used Electronics Marketplace Gazelle to Shutting Down its Trade-In Mail-In Program

Although Gazelle hasn’t provided an explanation for why it’s making this move, the change is likely to due with the current state of the mobile market in the US and beyond. Additionally, leasing phones has become a very popular practice offered by wireless carriers. What’s more, manufacturers have introduced their own takes on such lease programs.

There’s also another factor in play — the phenomenon of consumers holding onto their phones much longer. That trend has been underway for some time now but has grown much larger over the past couple of years and accelerated even more with the onset of the global pandemic. Still, there are plenty of other options for trading in old electronics, meaning there’s no hole being left in the market.

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