October 20, 2021
Venmo Update Cuts Down Steps to Pay or Request Money

Venmo Rolling Out an Update that Makes Paying or Requesting Money Easier

Venmo is applying an update to refresh its mobile app design and make it easier to pay or request money through the interface…

PayPal mobile payment service subsidiary Venmo is sending out an update that reduces the presence of its signature blue in favor of more white space. And, one that will make it easier to pay or request money with fewer required taps. This will depart from its Material Design 1.0 and adopt something that’s much more akin to a native iOS app.

Venmo Update Cuts Down Steps to Pay or Request Money

The new look ditches the blue header but retains the Me, Friends, and Public tabs (although these are now appearing in reverse order and are made more conspicuous with iconography). It also removes the button that previously took users to a list of pay and request options to now separate buttons for scanning Venmo QR codes or selecting other users by name.

Also, the overflow menu, now slides from the right instead of the left and its contents too, have been redistributed. Tapping on the avatar in the top-left corner shows account balances and provides access to users’ QR codes. So, the entire experience is quite a departure from its previous look and function. 

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