July 29, 2021
Verizon Call Filter App Now Prevents Area Code Spoofing

Verizon Customers Shouldn’t be Bothered Any Longer by Spoofed Area Codes

Verizon’s call filtering application is now capable of stopping neighborhood spoofing robocalls from reaching its customers phones…

Spoofed calls are rife with scams. So, perpetrators resort to changing tactics. Instead of relying on 800 numbers, they spoof area codes in order to tempt people into answering. When consumers see an incoming call from a number that’s very similar, with the same area code and prefix, they instantly want to answer. But, these can easily be schemers who are intent on fraud. Now, Verizon has updated its free Call Filter app with a “Neighborhood Filter” that blocks such incoming calls.

Verizon Call Filter App Now Prevents Area Code Spoofing

Verizon has also added the technology to its Call Filter Plus app, which costs $3 per month. But, it allows subscribers to specify other neighborhood numbers if customers know scam artists use them. It even allows for making exceptions. And, any numbers in the contact list or allowed numbers will still get through, as usual. Any accidental blocks can also be fixed, by telling the app to ignore the filter for future calls. So, it’s fairly robust and should help with the nuisance.

The updated app is already available for both iOS and Android. Verizon customers can download it or update to the latest version to avoid being annoyed by neighborhood spoofing.

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