June 23, 2022
Verizon Media Shutting Down Yahoo Answers on May 4th 2021

Yahoo Answers to Shut Down for Good on June 30th, Parent Company Verizon Media, Confirms

Yahoo Answers will no longer accept new submissions come April and Verizon Media will totally shut down the website on Wednesday, June 30th…

Since 2005, Yahoo Answers has been providing answers to web searchers asking all sorts of questions. But, it’s 16-year run is coming to an end. On May 4th, parent company Verizon Media will begin the shutdown process by no longer accepting new submissions. Then, users will have until June 30th to download any of their data from a site. Thereafter, anyone attempting to visit the website will be directed to the main Yahoo homepage. Although, the behind the scenes work to shutter the site will start on April 20th.

Verizon Media Shutting Down Yahoo Answers on May 4th 2021

Verizon Media has confirmed its plans to abandon the platform, citing waning usage. That certainly shouldn’t come as a surprise, as competitor Google dominates the search environment. Years ago, Big G began providing users with answer snippets, a feature that displays key information without having to go to an actual web page. (Google simply pulls the relevant content portion from a website or collection of sites that it deems reliable in order to provide quick answers.)

Yahoo has already shut down a number of its properties in an effort to focus on the ones with significant traffic, in order to retain ad revenue. The web property once dominated the internet, offering a one-stop location for many topics and interests. However, it could not maintain its popularity as the internet evolved.

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