December 9, 2021
Verizon YouTube TV partnership

Verizon Teams Up with YouTube TV to Offer its Customers the Streaming Service

Verizon and YouTube TV get together to offer customers opportunities to subscribe to the cord cutting, streaming video service…

In a press release, Verizon announced it has entered a partnership with YouTube TV. Through the new team-up, Verizon will offer its customers subscription opportunities via numerous Verizon accounts, including Verizon Wireless.

Verizon Partners with YouTube TV Streaming Service

The new Verizon-YouTube TV partnership offers yet another way to take advantage of the cord cutting movement.

“Today, Verizon and Google announced a partnership to bring YouTube TV to Verizon customers nationwide on whatever platform they choose, adding even more choice when it comes to content for our customers. As Verizon continues to lead the 5G revolution, customers will be able to subscribe to YouTube TV through Verizon and enjoy access and offers to the best content and experiences via partnerships with leading content providers.”

What’s conspicuous by its absence is the fact there’s no mention of special discounts or perks for Verizon customers who sign-up. It seems from the release the only real perk is having the convenience of two bills in one.

YouTube TV recently raised its monthly subscription prices. The company announced it is hiking prices to $50 per month and $55 per month for Apple TV direct members.

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