May 24, 2022
Verizon spam call auto-block

Verizon Now Automatically Block Spam Calls for Customers

Verizon is now providing free, automatic spam call blocking through both Android and iOS, to help its customers avoid robocalls…

With the steep rise of robocalls, comes action by the FCC, along with  the United States Congress, as well as FTC. Now, carriers are beginning to get onboard, due to changes in the law.

Verizon Spam Call Auto-Block goes Live

Verizon has announced it will offer spam call auto-blocking, free of charge for both Android and iOS devices. The service will first become available to Android users through the Call Filter app. (iOS owners will also soon have access to the app.)

Verizon explained its new spam call auto-blocking on its website:

“We’re about to make it even harder for robocallers to get through to you. We’ve heard our customers ask for relief and we’re happy to say additional help is on the way. Starting today, we’ll begin auto-enrolling eligible customers in our free Call Filter service.

We’ll begin to automatically protect eligible Android users through free spam-detection and blocking high-risk calls, and iOS customers can download the Call Filter app to enroll for free. Because the FCC’s recent ruling allows us to block high-risk spam calls, we’re full steam ahead using this new flexibility to better protect consumers.”

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