September 20, 2022
Version 100 of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox may Break Some Websites

Upcoming Chrome and Firefox 100 Versions could all Trigger a Mini Y2K

Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox browsers are about to release builds 100, which could cause some big sites not to load…

Google and Mozilla are tentatively on schedule to release version 100 of their respective browsers, Chrome and Firefox. Aside from some minor feature improvements and bug fixes, these builds could also recreate Y2K, but on a much smaller scale. The problem lies with the three-digit number within the browsers’ user agents. This could result in some popular websites refusing to load.

Version 100 of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox may Break Some Websites

The issue lies in the browsers’ coding, which third-party websites might not be able to parse. Last year, Mozilla even ran an experiment, revealing that its triple-digit web portal release would in fact be incongruent with some websites, including popular ones such as HBO Go, Bethesda, and Yahoo. The bugs include “browser not supported” messages, site rendering issues, parsing failures, 403 errors, and so on.

However, both Google and Mozilla have an ostensible fix. Sites that aren’t able to load through the 100 releases will still work with a clever hack. Both software companies will essentially freeze versions 99 and include overrides to deliver the upgraded builds. So, websites that are otherwise incompatible should interface with no problems at all. Still, there might be some outliers, but as with Y2K, it will most likely be much ado about nothing.

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