January 17, 2022
Viber Messaging Android App Reaches 1 Billion Installs on the Google Play Store

Unconventional Viber Messaging App Hits 1 Billion Downloads on the Google Play Store

Viber isn’t exactly a household name in the world of messaging apps, but its Android version has reached one billion installs from Google Play…

Viber probably isn’t the first messaging app that comes to mind when people think about modern communication. That industry is dominated by Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple’s iMessage, and even Google Messages. Still, Viber, has managed to become extraordinarily popular, despite the fact that it doesn’t have nearly the same name recognition as the industry leaders.

Viber Messaging App Reaches 1 Billion Installs on the Google Play Store

Viber owes a few factors to its success. First and foremost, Viber boasts cross-platform functionality, meaning it can be used on mobile, on the web, and from Android to iOS and vice-versa, from iOS to Android. Plus, it also contains its own GIF creation tools, along with a very handy built-in notes utility. What’s more, it does offer a level of privacy that’s not consistently present on WhatsApp.

All of this, not to mention the app recently upgraded, making it ideal for group video calls, accommodating as many as thirty participants at one time in a single conversation. So, Viber is quite versatile and it’s not part of the Facebook congolmerate that’s attempting to swallow the internet whole.

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