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Twitch Tries in Vain to Keep Up with YouTube but Can’t Close the Deal

Twitch video creators

Twitch video creators seriously trail YouTube in numbers and pay, as the video service just can’t compete with its well-known rival…

It appears Twitch served as a temporary alternative to rival YouTube from some of the latter service’s biggest creators. But ultimately, they didn’t stick around. 

Video Creators Leave Twitch, Return to YouTube

While the number of streamers earning money of Twitch almost doubled this year, it can’t keep well-known YouTube names from ditching it.

There’s only about 456,000 creators on Twitch, which is quite small by comparison. And, that figure represents an increase of 86 percent from 2017 to 2018. (This includes Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who claims to earn six figures per month on Twitch.)

During the course of the years, some notable YouTube personalities did indeed tried out Twitch, but returned to the larger platform. Names like Logan Paul and Casey Neistat are just two examples.

Although, the service is undoubtedly growing. The Verge reports the following:

“Twitch added a huge number of streamers and viewers this year on the back of Fortnite’s exploding popularity. The number of monthly streamers increased from two million a month in 2017 to three million in 2018, according to Twitch, with more than 500,000 people streaming daily. The platform saw more than 434 billion minutes watched by people in 2018.”

Several other high profile YouTubers also gave Twitch a try but ultimately concluded it wasn’t a good fit for many reasons. One is the fact it’s an entirely different audience with different expectations.

Furthermore, YouTube serves smaller creators better monetarily overall. This is due to the fact that YouTube creators can make money off ads and affiliate links. Meanwhile, Twitch users must pay $4.99 per month or make a donation to watch. That’s not the case over at YouTube, where it’s all free to view.

All-in-all, Twitch is just fundamentally different and has its loyalists on both sides, creators and viewers. But, it’s not necessarily an automatic win for established YouTube stars.

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