July 30, 2021
new Vimeo app gains live streaming and recording support

The Vimeo App can Now Stream Live Broadcasts and Now has the Ability to Record Video

Vimeo seems like it is starting to transition from a watch-only video platform to a live streaming and recording interface…

Since 2012, the Vimeo app has been a place for people to watch videos. But, it’s conspicuously lacked some key functions. That is to say, no ability to record video or to stream content live. Now, that’s changing, with the introduction of those two new features.

Vimeo Mobile App gains Live Streaming and Recording Support with most Recent Update

In its most recent mobile app update, the Vimeo platform now includes support for live streaming, as well as recording video. 

Prior to the update, it wasn’t possible to record video in the Vimeo app. Instead, the recording had to be done elsewhere and imported into Vimeo. The new recording interface also includes features like filters, grid overlay, and a flashing light.

The live streaming option is a bit different. Although it is now available, access is limited to people who subscribe to the company’s premium service, which costs $75 per month. Of course, this probably isn’t enough to get people to sign up for the subscription because it’s already available for free in YouTube.

It remains to be seen if either of these additions will help Vimeo grow its user base.

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