December 1, 2020

Google Aims to Eliminate Typing to Search

google voice searchMountain View, California–The world’s largest search engine, which performs about 67 percent of daily queries from hundreds of millions of users, is looking again toward the future. Technologically advanced glasses and driverless cars aren’t the only thing the company is developing.

Google is putting into action a futuristic endeavor that will eliminate the need to type to be able to search the internet.

“The destiny of search is to become that ‘Star Trek’ computer and that’s what we are building. You can walk up to a computer and say, hey, computer…” ABC News was told by Amit Singhal, Google’s chief search tech, at the SXSW Conference.

Some industry experts see this as a clear response to Apple’s voice command search, Siri. And it’s certainly not new. Market watchers have expressed concerns about Google’s ability to compete in a mobile-driver marketplace. One such expert even predicts that the search giant will effectively disappear, venturing that the future of search isn’t going to be confined to typing into a little box.

Apparently, the search portal agrees, at least to the extent it has now tasked its Director of Engineering, John Giannandrea, to bring the futuristic computer to life. Giannandrea will be responsible for developing and implementing what’s being called “The Knowledge graph”, a series of search parameters meant to return results based on a user’s query. What might surprise you is you’ve already seen the knowledge graph in action–at least to a degree. (See the image below.)

It appears to the right side of your computer screen when you type a search query into Google. The aim is to speak queries and deliver the most relevant, often searched results for that query without having to click to find more information.

The company has to manage an unreal amount of data just to display results that are factual and relevant to queries, which currently includes 3.5 billion attributes. That’s what allows the search engine to know the difference between a Siberian Husky and an Alaskan Malamute or Saint Petersburg, Russia and Saint Petersburg, Florida.

There is no set date thus far as to when to expect the effortless search portal. But Google says it’s serious about the innovation and will continue to develop new products and services to that end.

google knowledge graph