October 14, 2021
Walmart free one-day shipping

After Walmart Leaves Google Express, it will Expand Shipping Options by Offering Free One-Day Delivery across the US Soon

Walmart continues to expand its purchase and shipping options, with a plan to offer free one-day delivery across the United States…

Even though Walmart is no longer on Google Express, that doesn’t mean the company isn’t thinking of new ways to get its products out to customers.

Walmart to Offer Free One-Day Delivery Service across the United States

Walmart plans to offer free one-day delivery in select locations around the United States for general merchandise. 

The retailer already offers free two-day shipping for general items. But now, it’s going a step further, by rolling out an option for one-day shipping on eligible orders of $35 or more. Plus, there’s no membership fee associated with said purchase orders.

Walmart will debut the option in Phoenix and Las Vegas, expanding it to southern California in the coming days. The company states it plans to reach about 75 percent of the country by this year.

It’s a necessary step given rival Amazon, which has gained a lot of traction with its one-day Prime delivery option. By doing so, it creates more competition between the two and that’s good for consumers.

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