August 3, 2022
Walmart Vudu originals

It Certainly Looks Like Walmart will Jump Further into Video Streaming with New Vudu Originals

Retail giant Walmart is reportedly working to release its own line of original video streaming content on its cord cutting Vudu service…

News reports state Walmart is in the process of developing at least six originals for Vudu, its à la carte video streaming service. The company will supposedly reveal the titles sometime this week. And, it has already been negotiating with studios to produce reboots of some old family-favorites, according to Bloomberg.

Walmart Vudu Streaming Service Reportedly Developing Original Content

Walmart has inked a deal with MGM for original content. One original rumored in the works is a series based off the movie Mr. Mom. Additionally, there’s a CSI-stlyed program, along with a sci-fi show.

Vudu currently offers ad-supported content, in the way of television shows. It also offers digital rentals and sales of content.

Even with the originals in-place, Vudu won’t foray into Netflix or Hulu territory, as the latter examples are based on monthly subscriptions. Instead, it’s working on shoppable ads — much like Instagram or Pinterest.

Walmart has pitched the ideas to ad agencies over the last several weeks. Suppliers have since committed to tens of millions of dollars in ad sales.

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