October 3, 2022
WarnerMedia Reorganizes after Poor HBO Max Roll Out Performance

New WarnerMedia CEO Plans Global Goal After Disappointing Reception for its New HBO Max Streaming Service

WarnerMedia is undergoing massive changes at the top and its new boss wants to go global as soon as possible…

Ever since the pandemic upended regular day-to-day life, streaming services have seen big numbers. But one newcomer hasn’t managed to strike a chord with consumers — HBO Max. Launched in May, it offers everything on HBO, as well as additional shows and movies. However, at $15 per month, it’s a bit more expensive than Netflix and almost double of fan-favorite Disney+.

WarnerMedia Reorganizes after Poor HBO Max Roll Out Performance

The more expensive plan, unsurprisingly, wasn’t exactly embraced by consumers. The company’s second quarter earnings reveal HBO Max only managed to sign up 4.1 million subscribers in its first month. Meanwhile, Disney+ amassed 10+ million in its first 24-hours, 28+ million in about three months, and over at NBC, Peacock added 10 million new customers since April. So, the plan is to rearrange priorities and expand big time. New CEO Jason Kilar recently said in an interview with Variety that:

“It’s very important in our future that we go global, that we not only go direct-to-consumer, but we also go global… There’s a fantastic executive named Johannes Larcher who actually has taken both Hulu and other over-the-top services to international locales. And Johannes will be reporting to Andy in that role.”

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