September 24, 2022
Comcast ordered to pay $9.1 million

Judge Orders Comcast to Pay $9.1 Million for Adding Services Plans to Customers’ Accounts without Consent

A judge has ordered Comcast to pay approximately $9.1 million in penalties, plus restitution, over adding services to customers’ bills without consent…

Comcast must pay out about $9.1 million, plus restitution, for adding its Service Protection Plan to customers’ accounts without their permission, a judge has ordered.

Washington State Judge Orders Comcast to Pay $9.1 Million in Penalties

The telecom allegedly engaged in the practice more than 445,000 times between 2011 and 2016. Comcast was fully aware of the illegal practice and did not change it until a lawsuit, according to the Washington state Attorney General’s office.

About 240,000 of the transactions were done when signing up customers who were totally unaware of the charges. Another 205,000 violations Comcast failed to mention the charge or falsely represented it.

Comcast allegedly earned about $85 million from the unlawful practice, making the penalties a small percentage, in comparison. Comcast states it has “fully addressed” the practice and made corrections.

Although, the total cost is yet to be determined. The restitution includes refunds for every affected customer, plus 12 percent interest. The state of Washington could pursue more penalties in the future.

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