September 20, 2022
Waze iOS Google Assistant Integration is Rolling Out Now

Google is Finally Adding Assistant to its Waze Navigation App on iOS

Waze is now getting access to Google Assistant on its iOS app, but it won’t pack the same features as its Android counterpart…

Google Assistant has been part of the Android Waze app experience for sometime now. Plus, it supports “Hey Google” commands for a variety of questions, locations, as well as navigation. Moreover, it reports important updates, like road hazards and speed traps. Now, the Waze app for iOS is gaining Google Assistant support, but won’t come with all of the same functionalities.

Waze iOS Google Assistant Integration is Rolling Out Now

Although Waze for iOS will get access to Google Assistant, it isn’t the full suite of features. Instead, the iOS version will be limited to only navigation and some reporting tools, rather than the larger Assistant prowess. In other words, it won’t have the same flexibility and there’s no word whether or not Google will ever bring more of Assistant’s options to its Waze iOS application.

However, Google will expand the availability of the Waze iOS-Assistant integration to more countries around the world. Previously, it was exclusive to just the United States. But, it will become available in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other English-speaking countries.

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