September 15, 2022
Waze is Integrating Amazon Music

Waze is Adding this Music Streaming Service to its Navigation App

Waze is finally bringing another music streaming platform to its popular mobile navigation app with the addition of Amazon Prime Music…

Consumer choice is more diverse than ever. People can find their favorites in a number of places but usually settle on just one or a couple. Since there’s a plethora of music streaming platforms, it’s somewhat difficult for certain companies to pick the ones they support. That’s been the case with Waze, the crowd-sourcing traffic conditions app, which only supports a relatively handful of music streaming platforms.

Waze is Integrating Amazon Music

The player now supports a handful of integrated audio apps on Android and iOS including TIDAL, TuneIn, YouTube Music, iHeartRadio, Deezer, and more. But it also now includes Amazon Prime Music, which has 55 million listeners. It’s a partnership that’s been in development since November (or, perhaps earlier). Now, it appears like it’s rolling out to everyone using the navigation app. Adam Fried, head of global partnerships at Waze, wrote in a press statement earlier this year:

“Since we launched our Audio Player back in October 2018, Waze users have driven over 100 billion kilometers while listening to content from streaming services via our Audio Player. We’re really excited to welcome Amazon Music into the Audio Player family.”

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