January 27, 2022
Waze Lane Guidance Feature goes mainstream

Waze Finally Adds One of Google Maps’ Best Tools

Waze now sports one of the most helpful features long available in Google Maps, along with some other new tools…

Back in 2006, an Israeli corporation launched a new GPS navigation app that encouraged crowd-sourcing for the most up-to-date, nearly real-time traffic conditions. In 2013, Google acquired the Waze navigation app for $966 million and many of its key features have been added to Google Maps. But, one in particular has been left out. That is, until this May, when it entered beta testing. Now, it’s made its way to stable release.

Waze Lane Guidance Feature Debuts, along with Other Helpful Tools

With the most recent build, Waze all users can now take advantage of lane guidance. It shows up approximately 0.31 miles away from the next turn or exit, or about 500 meters. It highlights the appropriate lane and sits conspicuously at the top of the screen so it’s easy to follow. With it, drivers can more easily reach their destinations without taking unnecessary turns or coasting along in the wrong lane for too long.

Waze lane guidance isn’t the only feature ready to roll out with the upcoming version. There are also trip suggestions planned for next month. These will show personalized information compiled from previous trips taken. It approximates trip length and more. Plus, new notifications will also debut next month. These will help drivers with their commutes, especially for their “favorite and frequent destinations.” Additionally, in the coming months, Amazon Music will also be available on Waze.

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