October 1, 2022
Waze multiple passenger carpool

Waze Introduces Support for Drivers to Add Multiple Passengers for Carpooling

Google-owned ride-sharing app Waze now allows drivers to add multiple passengers to carpool trips, making it easier to use HOV lanes…

Waze has added multi-passenger support for carpooling drivers. It allows carpooling drivers to pickup as many as four passengers by tapping on a “+” icon after confirming an initial trip destination.

Waze Multiple Passenger Carpool Option Debuts

In addition to the new carpooling feature, Waze is also giving drivers the ability to make better use of HOV lanes or high-occupancy vehicle lanes.

With it also comes an adjustment to the fee drivers receive when giving people a ride. Now, the price is adjusted to ensure the compensation for the driver to amply cover the cost of fuel and added vehicle wear and tear.

The new Waze multiple passenger carpool option is rolling out to all regions which currently support Carpool, including the US, Brazil, Mexico, and Israel.

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