September 15, 2022
Waze Now Warns about Traffic Jams and Detours on the Pre-Drive Screen

Waze can Now Tell Users about Traffic Jams and Detours before They Start Driving

Waze now boasts a new helpful feature: the ability to tell drivers about traffic jams and detours before they even start out in their cars…

Waze can certainly come in handy for various situations, including dodging gridlock and other nuisances. Now, it’s able to help drivers make more informed decisions before they even get behind the wheel. The Google subsidiary has updated its pre-drive screen for both the Android and iOS versions. With the revamp, there’s now a lot more information available on the pre-drive interface.

Waze Now Warns about Traffic Jams and Detours on the Pre-Drive Screen

The new Waze pre-drive screen shows alternate routes, traffic levels, real-time reports, and toll info. Plus, it provides an explanation of just why Waze chose a given alternative route. So, if the app recommends skipping a typical route to a repeat destination, the platform will explain what’s going on. Of course, users can still opt to override the suggestion and take the usual route.

The update is already rolling out to everyone across the globe. While Waze is already a reliable navigation system, it’s now offering more information that’s timely and can save drivers from inadvertently running into traffic jams or inconvenient detours.

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