August 3, 2022
Waze Railroad Alerts Now Available on Android and iOS

Google Just Added this Important Safety Feature to Waze, Hopefully a Part of Maps Future

Google’s Waze navigation app now sports a very helpful safety feature that’s already available in over twenty countries around the world…

Google’s navigation app subsidiary Waze is well-known for its many useful tools. Most notably, Waze’s plethora of local traffic conditions. Now, it’s just built in another feature that’s the first of its kind. And, one that might even help to reduce the number of unnecessary roadway tragedies — a new alert that tells drivers when they are approaching railroad crossings.

Waze Railroad Alerts Now Available on Android and iOS

While it seems all-too-obvious now, it’s a safety protocol that’s strangely missing from navigation apps. This, due to the many train-car collisions that happen every year. In fact, there are 5,800 train-automobile collisions per year in the United States alone, according to the US Department of Transportation.

Google worked with major railway operators and Waze map editors around the world. As a result, the new tool is now available in US, Canada, Mexico, France, UK, Italy, Israel, Brazil, Colombia, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Netherlands, and Ireland.

“The decision to add railroad crossing alerts to the Waze map follows recommendations from both the US senate and the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to app-based navigation platforms like Waze that doing so can help contribute to the efforts to reduce the number of drivers involved in railroad crossing fatalities. The US Federal Railroad Administration also championed this feature and provided valuable insights as Waze used their publicly available database of US railroad crossings. The feature was advocated for by major rail network operators and other organizations, including MTA Long Island Rail Road, Amtrak, SEPTA, Brightline, Operation Lifesaver Canada, the Railway Association of Canada, CN,SNC, the Regulatory Agency of Rail Transport of Mexico (ARTP) and the Secretary of Communications and Transportation of Mexico.”

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