April 7, 2021
Weather Channel coronavirus infection map

US Residents can Now Track the Coronavirus with the Weather Channel’s New Infection Map

People in the United States can now keep tabs on COVID-19 infections county-by-county, with a new map by The Weather Channel…

Many people joke about the sudden change in their localities weather. The cliche, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes” is quite common. That’s where resources like The Weather Channel come in handy, giving people up-to-date information about what going on presently, along with detailed forecasts. It takes a lot of data to deliver such information, and now The Weather Channel is putting its experience to good use.

Weather Channel Coronavirus Infection Map Debuts

The Weather Channel has released a new interactive map that helps people track the spread of the coronavirus by county. It leverages information put out by the World Health Organization, along with local authorities, to deliver nearly real-time information about the outbreak.

The map is interactive, so it’s easy to focus in on a particular region or zone, providing data about the presence of the pandemic. Available through the Incidents Map on the platform, people can track the areas where COVID-19 has struck.

To access the new Weather Channel coronavirus infection map, simply install or update to the latest Android mobile application version, 10.7.0, found on the Google Play Store and go into Incidents Map.

Credit: The Weather Channel

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