December 5, 2020
Weather Timeline app

Weather App Dev Suddenly Pulls the Plug, Removes Product from the Play Store

Weather Timeline app developer Weather Timeline app abruptly removed his forecasting product from the Google Play store — here’s why…

An award-winning app developer has unpublished one of his products from the Google Play Store. Sam Ruston, creator of the Weather Timeline app, says his decision comes as a result of logistics. Existing users who already purchased the app will continue to have access to it. However, it’s no longer available for download.

Weather Timeline App Developer Pulls Product from the Google Play Store

Ruston, a developer who also created Bouncer, which limits third-party app permissions using Android Accessibility Services, just hit the platform. The dev explains the reason for pulling the forecasting app has to due with rising API access costs and a decline in sales. Combined, sales are down and operating costs are increasing. The result is an untenable situation. 

The Weather Timeline app cost just $1.49. But, that wasn’t enough to sustain necessary support. So, the creator simply deleted it. This isn’t the only instance of costs making apps financially unproductive.

Other platforms’ API access costs are likewise on the rise. If developers cannot sell enough of their products, it’s no longer sensible to continue offering them, no matter how good they are to users.

Fortunately, those who’ve previously purchased the Weather Timeline app can continue to enjoy using it.

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