February 24, 2021
WebView Safe Browsing

WebView Safe Browsing Support Arriving on All Apps Soon

WebView Safe Browsing, a security protocol for Android, will arrive on all apps later this month, Google announced today…

For over a decade, Google has maintained a list of malicious websites. These platforms host dangers such as malware or promote phishing scams. Now, the search engine expanding it’s Safe Browsing apparatus to include Google Play.

WebView Safe Browsing coming to All Android Apps this Month

While the technology is a bit complex, this essentially blocks malicious web experiences by alerting users of possible harm. For Android, the WebView API allows mobile devices to render web content. Additionally, third-party web browsers also use the tool. But now, the protection is soon coming to basically all Android apps:

“Since 2007, Google Safe Browsing has been protecting users across the web from phishing and malware attacks. It protects over three billion devices from an increasing number of threats, now also including unwanted software across desktop and mobile platforms. Today, we’re announcing that Google Play Protect is bringing Safe Browsing to WebView by default, starting in April 2018 with the release of WebView 66.”

This means, with the release of version 66, all Android apps will warn users of possible dangers.

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