September 30, 2022
Facebook News Feed algorithm

What’s Behind the Facebook News Feed Algorithm Revealed

This year at the F8 Developer Conference, Adam Mosseri, the VP of News Feed, explained how the Facebook News Feed algorithm works with an overview…

Last week, Facebook held its annual developer conference, where the company announced many forthcoming products and tools. One key highlight was an explanation of how the Facebook News Feed algorithm works, by Adam Mosseri, the VP of News Feed for the social network.

A Look Inside the Facebook News Feed Algorithm

Currently, Facebook claims more than 1.8 billion monthly active users. Mosseri started by explaining there’s simply too much content to show users everything of potential interest. This is where the Facebook News Feed justification model comes into play.

“[There’s] a massive, massive amount of information out there, and in this world of all this information, at Facebook, we’ve found success in helping people find the gems, helping people find those few stories each day that they’re going to find particularly meaningful, that they go home and talk to their friends or family about.”

The main factors driving the News Feed algorithm are: who posted the content, their relation to a user, the type of content, the user’s previous responses to posts of the same type, and the post’s volume of engagement.

Facebook News Feed algorithm example
Credit: Facebook

The system factors in many data points, or “hundreds of thousands,” according to Mosseri. Based on its calculations, the algorithm produces a series of predictions. These include the likelihood a user will comment, share the content, time spent on the post, and more. Once completed, the factors consolidate into a score or ranking metric. That score is also based on a user’s individual preferences, “…fundamentally, each and every News Feed is entirely unique.”

Recently, a Friend’s section material design change appeared to some users. Additionally, a ‘Highlights From This Week’ feature also appeared to some users.

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