May 26, 2022
WhatsApp Beta File-Sharing ETA Notice Experiment Begins

WhatsApp Beta Version Trials File-Sharing Estimated Time of Arrival Notices

WhatsApp continues to expand on its available features, with the company now testing file-sharing estimated time of arrival notices…

WhatsApp already boasts a number of neat user tools and options, but it appears the company is on a mission to make them even better. For instance, WhatsApp recently gave people the ability to hide media shared and self-destructing chats, and not long ago, a small segment gained the ability to share files up to 2 GB in size. (By comparison, Gmail only allows 25 MB.) Now, WhatsApp is testing a new feature that shows senders and estimated time of arrival for things they send to others, according to a recent report by WABetaInfo.

WhatsApp Beta File-Sharing ETA Notice Experiment Begins

This new WhatsApp file sharing ETA notice has already been released for desktop, but it is now available on both Android and iOS. It displays a bubble with a circular status, filling in as the data moves between the sender and the recipient. The animation allows the sender to see how much of the transfer has taken place, but it doesn’t appear recipients will have the same information.

All the same, it’s a small but very helpful feature, particularly for large data transfers between two parties. Of course, being restricted only to beta testers means the company is in the experimental phase and it may or may not make it to full public release.

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