June 19, 2021
WhatsApp group chat private replies

WhatsApp might Give Users the Ability to Reply Privately in Group Chats

WhatsApp group chat private replies come in the latest beta version of the mobile interface, giving user another communication option…

In the most recent WhatsApp beta release, there’s an interesting new feature. The app now allows people in group chats to send private replies.

WhatsApp Beta Group Chat Private Replies Uncovered

The new WhatsApp beta group chat private reply option does precisely what one would imagine. It allows one participant to contact another without the whole group knowing it. 

Here’s how it works, at least for now. Open a group chat and tap on a message. Then, tap on the overflow button at the top right (the three vertical dots). Select ‘Reply privately’ and compose a message.

It automatically includes a quote, so the recipient will know what’s being referenced. It’s a handy addition and makes discussing details or other topics one-on-one simple.

Of course, this is just in the beta version. And, it’s only for the limited group of users running it. So, it might or might not make its way to stable, wide release. It depends on how users interact with it and if the company determines its worthwhile for full launch.

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