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WhatsApp Business Accounts Verification Levels Released

WhatsApp business accounts

Incoming WhatsApp business accounts will display three different verification levels: verified, confirmed, and unconfirmed according to a FAQ page update…

Back in February, WhatsApp, a subsidiary of Facebook, announced an upcoming business app. About six months later, the messaging platform began limited testing of verified business accounts. Just weeks later, in September, the company changed its business free-use policy to pay-for-play. Now, more information about the incoming business accounts is known, thanks to a FAQ page update.

WhatsApp Business Accounts Verification Levels Published on FAQ Page

The “Chatting with businesses” page informs users they will see one of three profiles: verified, confirmed, and unconfirmed (or just labeled “business account”). The first level, “business account” is unconfirmed or not verified or confirmed. Accounts at this level are denoted with a grey question mark.

The next business account level is confirmed. Confirmed business profiles will display a grey checkmark badge. Confirmed accounts mean, “WhatsApp has confirmed that the phone number of this account matches the phone number for this business.”

The third level is verified, which displays a green checkmark badge. “WhatsApp has verified that an authentic brand owns this account.” However, WhatsApp does not provide further details. So, it’s unknown what extra verification is involved.

Finally, WhatsApp states on the FAQ page that, “Business verification and confirmation don’t indicate an endorsement by WhatsApp.”

With this new information, it’s clear the company is moving toward a monetization model. (Which it’s long spoken about but has yet to implement.) Three years ago, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $22 billion. The messaging app claims 1.3 billion MAUs or monthly active users as of July, up from 1 billion in February 2016.

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