September 23, 2022
WhatsApp business app customer service features

WhatsApp Adds Customer Service Tools to its Standalone Business App for Desktop

WhatsApp just took some key customer service tools from its mobile platform and added them to desktop and web applications…

About two years ago, Facebook messaging subsidiary WhatsApp began developing a standalone business app.  The company released the mobile app later on today, it’s grown to reach 5 million business customers. Now, it’s bringing some key features from its mobile interface to desktop and the web.

WhatsApp Business App Customer Service Features Come to Desktop and Web Applications

The popular WhatsApp business app customer service tools include the ability to organize and filter chats. Another gives businesses a quick-reply option. (These are pre-written responses to common questions.) 

Plus, there’s now automated greetings for desktop, along with labels and chat list filters. Labels allow businesses to organize contacts via labels, while the filters give businesses the ability to categorize communications into unread, groups, lists, and more.

The entire purpose of the standalone WhatsApp business app is to provide a dedicated B2C spot. Customers can more easily get in touch with businesses to ask specific questions. And, it provides businesses with a more intimate customer service option. In fact, back in August, reports surfaced, claiming WhatsApp would charge businesses a fee when they don’t respond to customer messages in a timely manner.

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