June 19, 2021
WhatsApp change number

WhatsApp might Soon Automatically Notify All Contacts of a Phone Number Change

A new WhatsApp change number feature might make it out of beta testing into stable release, allowing people to automatically notifies others of phone number changes…

Back in 2003, the Federal Communications Commission adopted “porting.” It’s something we’re all familiar with today. Basically, the rule states that any person who changes carries can keep their phone number, so long as it remains local. However, this doesn’t mean new numbers aren’t issued. To make the transition a little less stressful, WhatsApp is introducing a ‘Change number’ feature.

WhatsApp ‘Change Number’ Option Spotted

Uncovered in an APK teardown, Android Police discovered the option. It’s simply a tool which gives users the ability to automatically notify their contacts of a phone number change. The options include notifying all contacts, notifying chat partners, or specific people. All groups are automatically notified, as usual.

WhatsApp change number screenshot
Credit: Android Police

Currently, it only works with beta version 2.18.97. It’s accessible by going to Settings > Account > Change number.