January 27, 2022
WhatsApp daily active users

WhatsApp Daily Active Users Hits 1 Billion

WhatsApp daily active users just increased to an impressive 1 billion users, with monthly active users up to 1.3 billion and seemingly growing…

The number of WhatsApp daily active users jumped to 1 billion, as the company boasts 1.3 monthly active users — thanks largely to its Snapchat Stories clone — WhatsApp Status.

WhatsApp Daily Active Users Reaches a Milestone of 1 Billion

While competitor Facebook continues to copy Snapchat features, WhatsApp enjoys 250 million daily WhatsApp Status users, regardless of it being somewhat sequestered to a secondary tab. That’s big news considering Instagram Stories has over 250 million users and it enjoys prominent placement.

By comparison, Snapchat only claims 166 million DAUs, which includes its private messaging tool. That same feature benefits from “Streaks” an incentive which employs gamification and emoji badges to encourage users to send and receive Snaps daily.

WhatsApp Stories, its text message and calling features combined are what brings back its users. All of this translates into 76 percent daily user return rate, which is very high. The company handles 55 billion messages per day, 4.5 billion photo shares, 1 billion videos, while supporting 60 languages.

For reference, WhatsApp claimed 1 billion MAUs in February 2016, up from two years prior, when it had 450 million MAUs and 350 DAUs. Facebook bought the company that same year for $19 billion.

“As we celebrate this milestone, we’re committed more than ever to bringing you more useful features to enjoy, while delivering the reliability, simplicity, and security you expect with WhatsApp. Thank you for your continued support,” the company wrote on its blog.

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