October 1, 2022
WhatsApp dark mode arrives

WhatsApp Finally Gets a Dark Theme but Not Everyone Can Enjoy It

Super popular Facebook messaging subsidiary WhatsApp is about to introduce a dark theme, currently limited to Android beta…

WhatsApp is about to receive a dark mode option, for those who like the feature. Presently, it’s reserved to the Google Play Beta Program, but is expected to make its way to public release in the not-too-distant future.

WhatsApp Dark Mode Arrives on Android Beta

A new WhatsApp dark theme is nearly apparent for prime time, being spotted in version 2.20.13. So, it should soon see it’s way to stable release for everyone to access it, if desired.

For such an innocuous tool, dark mode has no shortage of enthusiasts and scoffers. People either seem to love it or hate it, with very few in between. Nevertheless, dark themes do have their benefits. Two of the most often cited are battery savings and, of course, being easier on the eyes in low-light environments.

The new WhatsApp dark mode can be manually enabled through system settings on Android Pie. Meanwhile, Android 10 users can set it to automatically transition through the mobile OS’s system preferences.

WhatsApp is the last of the three Facebook apps to receive a dark mode option. Messenger first got the experience back in early 2019. Then, in October of last year, Instagram followed.

Although it is currently only found in Android beta, it shouldn’t be long before it makes its way to wide release. Thereafter, iOS is likely to follow.

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