August 5, 2022
WhatsApp Desktop Call Support Test Build Underway

WhatsApp might Soon Support Calls from its Desktop App Interface

WhatsApp appears to be working on creating voice and video call support for its desktop experience, according to a recent code analysis…

Video calling has increased dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic. Companies like Zoom and Facebook, have greatly benefited from the change. But, other messaging platforms are also seeking to capitalize on the spike. WhatsApp seems like it’s attempting to gain more desktop usership by building out support for voice and video calling.

WhatsApp Desktop Call Support Test Build Underway

Although WhatsApp already possess the ability to make calls via its desktop app, it currently depends on Facebook. In order to make a call on WhatsApp desktop, users must create Facebook Messenger Rooms. However, what’s under development will rely entirely on in-house technology, meaning it will be totally run through WhatsApp. That could attract more users because it would ostensibly take fewer steps.

Since it’s still being created in the background, it’s not yet known when (or even if), the feature will roll out. WhatsApp will probably run the tool through a series of tests to gauge interest and to work out bugs. As with all early-stage features, it’s also unknown how many people it will support and if it will employ end-to-end encryption.

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