August 9, 2022
WhatsApp desktop site remote access security flaw

Attention WhatsApp Desktop Users, Update the Web Client Right Now to Avoid a Remote Access Vulnerability

A security researcher found a remote access flaw in the WhatsApp desktop client, which could allow hackers to snoop and/or install malware…

Anyone using the WhatsApp desktop client should immediately update the program before continuing to use it. The most recent version contains a patch for a security vulnerability that existed in the previous release.

WhatsApp Desktop Site Remote Access Security Flaw Discovered

PerimeterX researcher Gal Weizman has revealed that social giant Facebook fixed a security flaw in WhatsApp’s Mac and Windows versions. It gave hackers the opportunity to plant JavaScript into messages, as well as remote access files.

The software in question ran an older release of the Google Chromium web engine — which dated back to version 69 — that was known to have security susceptibilities that made it relatively simple to write in rogue code.

This means, if exploited, hackers could do quite a bit of spying and damage. For example, altering messages, searching personal documents, or even installing malware.

Affected versions of WhatsApp desktop software include version 0.3.9309 and earlier. Moreover, any users who connected the app with WhatsApp iOS editions prior to the 2.20.10 release.

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