January 27, 2022
WhatsApp ending support for these phones in weeks

WhatsApp will Stop Working on These Phones in a Manner of Weeks — and Some might Come as a Surprise

WhatsApp is officially warning these phone owners its chat app will no longer work on their devices in the next few weeks to come…

For one of the most versatile messaging apps available, WhatsApp still has its limitations. And, it’s reminding users that it just can’t work on any handheld. The popular messaging platform is warning people that it will stop supporting certain phone models in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp Ending Support for These Phones in Just a Few Weeks

WhatsApp is telling some device owners that their phones will no longer be compatible with the application by as early as the end of December. Meanwhile, some mobiles will continue to work until February of next year.

Unsurprisingly, all Windows Phones are on the short list, with WhatsApp ending support on December 31st. This certainly isn’t out of the blue, considering the sad fate of the short-lived Windows mobile device experiment.

Android and iPhone devices are also subject to the cessation. As of February 1, 2020, phones running Android version 2.3.7 and older will no longer be compatible. The same goes for iOS 7 and older, likewise becoming defunct as of February 1st next year.

For owners of such affected devices, in order to keep using Whatsapp, it’s necessary to upgrade to a newer model, one that supports the messaging application.

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