November 12, 2022
WhatsApp ephemeral message test

WhatsApp is Experimenting with Disappearing Messages on Android

WhatsApp is testing an ephemeral message feature, copying Snapchat’s biggest attraction, in the latest beta version for Android…

WhatsApp is in the process of experimenting with disappearing messages, according to WABetaInfo. It’s currently available in beta version 2.19.275 and works with group chats only at this time.

WhatsApp Ephemeral Messages Test Spotted

The WhatsApp ephemeral message test let’s users send self-destructing communications, which last from 5 seconds to an hour. (There’s no other options, only five seconds to sixty minutes.)

Additionally, it’s not possible to select individual messages. In other words, all communications vanish or none of them go away.

Although the option is publicly available yet, the tool might come in handy when sending sensitive information. Snapchat of course, does the same, which Facebook copied over to its own platforms.

Right now, there’s no official word on if or when the feature will roll out to the stable version.

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