December 9, 2021
WhatsApp Google Gboard support

WhatsApp Google Gboard GIF Support added with Beta Update

In the latest beta update, WhatsApp Google Gboard GIF support comes to the mobile app, in version 2.17.110 for Android, previously unusable…

Cross-platform and end-to-end encrypted instant messaging app, WhatsApp, released Google Gboard GIF support with its latest beta iteration. Prior to roll out of version 2.17.110, GIFs on Gboard were grayed out, rendered unusable. But, now, WhatsApp enables GIF functionality on the mobile platform for Android.

WhatsApp Google Gboard GIF Support Rolls Out with Beta Update

With the latest release, users can send GIFs using the Google Gboard. Although WhatsApp has supported GIFs for many months, the enhancements on Gboard were not enabled. WhatsApp already offers its own proprietary GIF beside the emoji menu, which users are able to access.

Now, users can search, insert, and send GIFs without having to go to the WhatsApp interface and do so straight through Google’s Gboard. To access the latest version, users must enroll in the WhatsApp beta program.

In February, a WhatsApp Business app went into development. Also during last month, the Facebook owned WhatsApp launched a Snapchat feature clone

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