October 28, 2021
WhatsApp group invitation system

WhatsApp will Soon have a Group Invitation System for Android, iOS Devices

A new WhatsApp group invitation system will give users three different options, helping to them to better manage their permissions…

Currently, WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging platforms in the world. And, it’s working on a big change that would greatly benefit its approximate 1.5 billion monthly active users. The company has added a new Group Invitation System to its iOS beta build, with plans to roll it out to Android.

WhatsApp Group Invitation System under Development for Android, iOS

The new WhatsApp Group Invitation System would nearly eliminate one of the app’s biggest problems — users being added to group chats without their permission. With its release, the new WhatsApp Group Invitation System will allow users to set their own privacy statuses for all their numbers.

WhatApp will give users three options — Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. The Everyone setting means the user can always be added to a group and won’t receive an invitation. My Contacts only also allows users to be added to groups, but only from known contacts. Anyone not on the contact list must send an invitation. The last setting, Nobody, means precisely what it states — users can’t be added to groups in any situations.

Additionally, WhatsApp is tinkering with the Status layout. Currently, tests regarding it are running in Brazil, Spain, and India.

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