December 9, 2021
WhatsApp Increasing Time Limit for Deleting Sent Messages

WhatsApp may Extend the Time Limit People have to Delete Regrettable Messages

WhatsApp is apparently stretching out the time limit people have to delete messages they’ve sent by up to three months or longer, beta reveals…

WhatsApp currently sits at the top of the messaging platforms in terms of popularity. However, the Facebook subsidiary isn’t always the first to introduce new features, and even significantly lags behind new options added by competitors. One of the most notable examples is the ability to delete a message already sent, erasing it from the inbox of the recipient.

When WhatsApp first rolled out the recall tool, it only gave senders eight minutes to change their minds. After that very brief reflection period, the message was irretrievable. But, the company eventually increased the time limit to about an hour. Now, the messaging service is at least testing a much longer time frame for un-sending communications.

WhatsApp Increasing Time Limit for Deleting Sent Messages

In the most recent beta version of the app, WABetaInfo has discovered new code that would stretch out the retrieval time limit to as much as three months. Although this isn’t nearly as long as some of its rival messaging services, which allow deletion at any length of time, it’s certainly hey welcome improvement. But, since it is only included in the experimental beta build, there’s no guarantee that it will make its way to stable, wide release, so the general public may never have the option at all.

If it does roll out in its present form, it will allow all WhatsApp users to retrieve months-old messages, making them disappear from the recipient’s inbox, while sending the same communications into the digital either, erased from the sender’s outbox as though they never existed.

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